Everything You Need To Know About David Beckham: Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life, and More

David Beckham is a former professional footballer or soccer player who has charisma like a model because of his handsome face. His famous curved kicks are still the most beautiful memories for any football lover.

David Beckham With His Family

David Beckham’s experience cannot be doubted because he has traveled to various leagues, ranging from Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy to Paris Saint-Germain.

David Beckham Biography

Born on 2 May 1975 with given name David Robert Joseph Beckham is former professional footballer, the current president of Inter Miami CF and co-owner of Salford City. David Beckham is one of the best footballers in history. Regarding his childhood, he was born in Leytonstone, London. His parents, Alan Beckham and Sandra Georgina were middle-class economy society. His father was a kitchen worker while his mother worked as a hairdresser.

Beckham was not recommended by his parents to be a footballer, but Beckham insisted that he liked football. He then played with a local team called Ridgeway Rovers.

David Beckham started his football career by becoming part of the legendary young player, Class of 92 at Manchester United. He was at that time helping the club win the FA Youth Cup. Around 1992, Beckham then debuted for the senior team. He then signed his contract as a professional player with Manchester United.

He was part of the Manchester United core team in the mid to late 1990s which greatly dominated English football. In 1999, David Beckham succeeded in getting Manchester United to win a Treble Winner, which won in the Premier League, FA CUP and UEFA Champions League.

Because of the age that is not young anymore, he was eliminated from Manchester United. He stayed at Real Madrid until he moved to the LA Galaxy in 2007.

In 2013, David Beckham retired from the world of football, his career stopped there. But the following year, David Beckham unexpectedly bought an MLS expansion club for $ 25 million.

Beckham Personal Life

In 1997, David Beckham began his relationship with Victoria Adams or what is now known as Victoria Beckham. She is a member of the Spice Girls. In 1999, he finally married Victoria in Ireland, precisely on July 4, 1998. He has 3 sons named Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Crus David.

David Beckham bought a house which, because of its enormous size and magnificent appearance, was known as Beckingham Palace. His house was also used as an anecdote from Buckingham Palace. Inside his enormous home, Beckham employed more than 400 people.

Also, in 2005, David Beckham became an icon of the world children’s organization, UNICEF. His social life is also very good, he is friends with great people like Robbie Williams, Snoop Dogg and Tom Cruise.

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