Everything You Need To Know About Nicolas Pépé: Net Worth, Biography, and More

Nicolas Pepe Biography

Born in Mantes-la-Jolie, France on May 29, 1995. Nicolas Pepe is a soccer player from a poor family. When Nicolas Pepe was a child, his family moved to Poitiers in Western France after his father found work there. Growing up in northeastern France where there were no toys or games, Nicolas Pepe could only play football. Pepe loves soccer very much. Until when asked by the teacher what his ideals when he grew up, Pepe firmly answered ‘I want to be a professional soccer player when I grow up’.

Nicolas Pépé Personal Life
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Despite his family’s condition, Pepe was not discouraged to achieve his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. When he was 6 years old, his teacher asked what his goals were, he firmly answered that he wanted to be a footballer.

Pepe’s opportunity to realize his dream was opened after his family decided to move to Poitiers, western France. There, Pepe joined a fifth local French club. He also managed to amaze the coach with his agility to play ball.

Pepe’s ability to play soccer cannot be separated from the role of his father who is an amateur soccer player. As reported by thesun.co.uk, his father even deliberately spends his time in between work to train Pepe. When he entered the Angers club academy, his talent in playing football was increasingly forged.

Pepe’s hard work paid off. In November 2016, Luis Campos, who at the time was persuading Spanish-Luxembourg crossbreed entrepreneur Gerrard to buy Lille, saw Pepe play in the Angers match against Rennes with a 1-1 draw. The former talent scout for Real Madrid initially watched the match to see the Rennes player, but after seeing Pepe, he was attracted to him.

Had become a central striker, Nicolas Pepe’s position changed when he joined Lille. Lille’s new coach at the time, Christophe Galtier gave him a new position as a right-winger. Apparently, in that new position Pepe increasingly bright. He managed to score eight goals and five assists during the last 14 games in the 2018/2019 season. The two goals he put into the Toulouse goal succeeded in making his club a 3-2 lead over Toulouse and saving Lille from the critical zone. Look too great in Lille, Pep Guardiola wants him to come to Arsenal, and Pepe agrees about that, For now, Nicolas Pepe absolutely a shining star in Arsenal.

Nicolas Pepe Biography
Full Name:Nicolas Pépé
Born:29 May 1995
Height:1.83 m
Weight:69 kg 
Age:24 Years Old
Country/Nationality:Ivory Coast, France
Networth in 2019:£30 Million ($ 32 M estimated in USD)
Source of Wealth:Professional Footballer (Soccer), Endorsement.
Last Update:2019

Net Worth

As one of Arsenal main starter, Pepe gets paid well by his club where he receives £140,000 per week, and he also makes good revenue with his sponsorship deal, the conclusion, this Ivorian soccer player is wealthy enough, As for 2019, he total net worth estimated around £30 Million.

Personal life

Pepe did not deny the brilliant career that he has now achieved on the soccer stage is thanks to the love of those around him. Thanks to them, he managed to become a player that is not cheap. His parents are immigrants from Ivory Coast who live in northeastern France. His father worked as a prison guard, while his mother was a household assistant. Pepe’s childhood was spent in poor family conditions, but that all, is the past story, today Nicolas Pepe is one of the best footballers in EPL (English Premier League), and Arsenal big star for sure, with that condition he now a wealthy man with fantastic salary from this club, Arsenal F.C, and nice income from endorsement.

For you who want to know who Nicolas Pepe dating, sadly you can’t find the answer here, Pepe, well knows as an athlete who put his personal life far away from entertainment, As a result, no entertainment news knew who the Ivory Coast international girlfriend is.

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