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Top 5 Best Players in 2019 Premier League

Premier League is one of the top castes league which is very popular besides the Spanish League and the Italian League. Some top clubs that often enter the Champions League such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and several other clubs fight in this league. This league is very famous for its style of play […]

2019 French Ligue 1, Here are Top 5 Best Players

French Ligue 1 Best Players – Ligue 1 from French famous for its richest club, many football players got good salary plays for the french club. The clubs that compete in this league just have a large enough money to bring in star players. French Ligue 1 itself consists of 18 teams (Football Club), but after […]

Top 5 Highest-Paid Players In The Premier League

Premier League Highest-Paid Players – Premier League is one of the top leagues in the world of professional football. Big clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool to Arsenal fight in a league that has this lion logo. As a league that has a lot of fans, every club has to spend a large enough amount to […]