Man City Offers Messi with something he can’t Refuse!

A bad news for all Barcelona fans around the globe. Lionel Messi on the doorstep of the Estadio Camp Nou. La Pulga ( Messi nickname) did not take the swab test held by Barcelona management on Sunday, August 30, 2020.

Man City Offers Messi with huge contract
Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola

The swab test is one of the requirements for players to undergo the inaugural training held by Barcelona on Monday, 31 August 2020. This means that Messi will certainly miss the training held by Barcelona today.

So, where will Messi end up? According to European media reports, Messi is very close to one of the English giants, Manchester City. The Manchester City camp took advantage of the coach, Josep Guardiola, to land Messi at the Etihad Stadium.

As we all know, Messi and Guardiola worked together in Barcelona from 2008-2012. The combination above made Barcelona a huge success, which won 14 trophies in that period. The success above is what makes Man City management interested in landing Messi.

Even in order to convince Messi to the Etihad Stadium, Man City’s management has prepared a huge contract. According to Sport Reports, Man City management is ready to sign Messi for five years.

However, Messi will only play for Man City for three years, and the remaining two years The La Pulga will be in the uniform of one of the United States Football League contestants, New York City FC. So why was Messi allowed to move to New York City FC in his fourth year?

This was intended to raise the prestige of New York City. The New York City FC is a Man City franchise club under the City Football Group. Apart from New York City and Man City, City Football Group also houses an Australian club, Melbourne City FC.

During the five years in the contract above, Man City management will pay Messi 100 million euros per year! This means that in five years, Messi will receive 500 million euros. Even thanks to his willingness to move to New York City in his fourth year, Messi will receive an additional 250 million euros. If calculated for five years, Messi received 750 million euros.

It is believed, the nominal above made Messi want to continue his career with Man City. In addition, according to Marca’s report, the contract system above is Man City’s way of avoiding the Financial Fair Play.

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