Messi IN Raheem Sterling OUT? Manchester City could be at the forefront of the queue to get Lionel Messi from Barcelona. But how do they complete the extraordinarily expensive megastar transfer?

Mancity Replace Sterling with Messi
Lionel Messi, Raheem Sterling, and Guardiola

An interesting discussion happened on Express, Premier League analyst Perry Groves said Man City will sale Raheem Sterling to bring Lionel Messi into the club.

As we all know, Messi’s in transfer negotiations with Barcelona. The discussion will spawn two extreme poles: either Messi can leave for free or the fan club has to pay a release clause of 700 million euros.

Paying that much is obviously impossible. That means Barca will have to open negotiations, especially if Messi has insisted on making a transfer request. These negotiations will still yield an extraordinarily expensive figure, perhaps around 250 million euros. However, that amount is still better than 700 million euros.

Raheem Sterling Out?

If Messi is valued at 250 million euros by Barcelona, then how does Man City plan to pay for it? Man City could have paid 250 million euros in cash, but the problem is there are binding FFP rules. The money they spend should match the club’s bookkeeping.

Therefore, another way that Man City can go is to sell its players first. Among many names, Raheem Sterling could be the one to sacrifice, as Premier League analyst Perry Groves explains on Interview with Express.

Assuming Barca want to open Messi’s negotiations at 250 million pounds, Groves believes Man City can get the player. Regarding transfers, Man City is one of the best clubs in Europe.

Sell some players for Messi? It’s not that hard for Man City. In short, Man City may risk buying Messi now, then selling Sterling in the future.

They are in a favorable position and from their point of view, there is the best legal and financial team that is considering this case,” Groves added.

If Juventus, a club that says it earns less than 100 million pounds a year under Man City can get Cristiano Ronaldo, then Man City the richest club in the world is clearly capable of bringing in Lionel Messi,” he concluded. So what do you think, Do Sterling will out Messi will in?