The 5 Highest Paid Footballer in Manchester United F.C

Manchester United F.C an English Football Club which located in Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester, England. This club famous with his nickname The Red Devil, Manchester United itself has primary rivals in the same town The Man. City. Both of this club is English Greatest Football Club, Each of them has won a lot Premier Trophy.

The 5 Highest Paid Footballer in Manchester United F.C

As one of The Greatest in EPL (English Premier League), Manchester United able to hire great footballer plays for them, besides that, Manchester United also a great club in product a great Football Athlete, before shining in Real Madrid, Cristiano learns much from this club.

So, As times goes on, in this modern era Manchester United had a lot of great Footballer from around the world play for them, Want to know Who they are and How much They get paid, Here is the list:

  1. David De Gea – Annual Salary £19,500,000

In the top list Manchester United Player with great Salary is their Goal Keeper, David De Gea. This Spanish dude has Annual Salary £19,500,000 with this club, it’s means De Gea receives £375,000 per week from Manchester United.

David De Gea The Highest Paid Footballer in Manchester United
David De Gea © ManUtd

2. Paul Pogba – Annual Salary: £15,080,000

The second-highest-paid Manchester United player is Paul Pogba, I think I don’t need to introduce you who Pogba is, Paul Pogba is in top ten world best footballer, for now, Richest Football club like Real Madrid want him to play for them. This French dude just great in what he does, An absolutely great footballer.

Paul Pogba The Second highest paid Manchester United Players
Paul Pogba © ManUtd

Paul Pogba joined Manchester United on Jul 1, 2011, Since then he has worked hard to get in the first place on this club, with this club (Manchester United F.C) he already renew his contract multiple time, and for now, his Annual Salary with this club is £15,080,000 (£290,000 per week) with that number Pogba in the second place Manchester United highest-paid players.

3. Anthony Martial – Annual Salary: £13,000,000

The third highest-paid Footballer in Manchester United F.C is Anthony Martial, In MU (Manchester United), Anthony plays as a forward or Striker, for now, everything goes well for him and for the club. MU manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær, love the way how the french dude plays his part.

Anthony Martial one of the highest paid footballer in Manchester United
Anthony Martial © ManUtd

Speaking about Salary, This french dude has an annual salary of £13,000,000, it’s mean this 23 years old footballer receives £250,000 per week from Manchester United.

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