Top 5 Highest Paid Houston Rockets Players

Houston Rockets are an American professional basketball team that competes in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the team based in Houston, Texas. The Team has won two NBA championships and four Western Conference titles.

As one of the biggest and most successful Basket teams in America, for sure Houston Rockets got a nice salary from their club, So who the players with a huge wage at Houston Rockets? Here is the list of five Houston Rockets players who earn a fantastic income.

Russell Westbrook Salary: $38,506,482

Russell Westbrook, The Highest Paid Rockets Player
Russell Westbrook, The Highest Paid Rockets Player

In the top list of Rockets’ Highest-paid players is Russell Westbrook, Westbrook plays as Point guard for the team, and he played well his part that why the Houston Rockets gave him a big huge wage, $38,506,482 for his service.

James Harden, Salary: $38,199,000

James Harden, one of Rockets highest paid players
James Harden

in the second place, Rockets players who also got a huge big wage is James Harden, the man who plays as a Shooting guard for the team got $38,199,000 salary from the club. James Harden also players who able plays in different positions, he also great at Point guard.

Eric Gordon, Salary: $14,057,730

Eric Gordon, one of Rockets highest paid player
Eric Gordon

Move to the third place, another Houston Rockets player who also earned a fantastic salary from the team or the club is Eric Gordon. Same as James Garden, Gordon also multi-talent Basketball players, for Houston Rockets he plays as Small forward and Shooting guard as well. Eric Salary is $14,057,730.

Robert Covington, Salary: $11,301,219

Robert Covington, one of Rockets highest Paid players

Our fourth list goes to Robert Covington, the man who plays as the power forward for this team had a salary of $11,301,219. Judging by his performance for the team this numbers maybe will keep growing, what do you think?

PJ Tucker, Salary: $8,349,039

PJ Tucker, one of Rockets highest paid player
PJ Tucker

We move to number five, another Rockets player who had a fantastic income from the team is PJ Tucker, the man who stood at 1.96 m tall has a salary of $8,349,039. For the team, Tucker plays as Power forward and Center.

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