Top 5 Best Players in 2019 Premier League

Premier League is one of the top castes league which is very popular besides the Spanish League and the Italian League. Some top clubs that often enter the Champions League such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and several other clubs fight in this league.

Top 5 Best Players in 2019 Premier League

This league is very famous for its style of play that is fast and quite hard. The name of a big footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo also started from the league which has a picture of this lion-shaped logo. After two clubs from England, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur managed to UEFA Champions League final The 2019 season seems to be a special season for Premier League, So who the best players in this special season?

Here are the 5 best players in the 2019 Premier League:

  1. Mohamed Salah – Liverpool

Nama Salah for the last few years has always graced the news in the world soccer media. Not just a matter of his prowess on the gridiron, even his personal life is also very interesting media attention.

Noted at this time, Salah has managed to collect 59 goals and 20 assists while playing in the Premier League. Salah also became the mainstay of the Egyptian national team.

His early career began when Salah played in Switzerland and later became a star because he won the league title in his debut season and won the SAFP Golder Player Award. His career in the world of the top caste professional footballer began when he joined one of the Premier League clubs, Chelsea. He joined Chelsea on an £ 11 million contract in 2014.

At present, Salah has strengthened Liverpool since 2018 yesterday. His name was quite brilliant in Liverpool to become an idol for the fans of the Reds. Salah has also collected 3 golden boot trophies throughout his career.

Mo Salah Liverpool

2. Sergio Aguero – Manchester City

Defeating Mohamed Salah, Sergio Leonel Kun Aguero del Castillo or commonly called Sergio Aguero managed to become the best player in the Premier League in 2019. At the age of 31, he managed to collect 168 goals and 43 assists.

As a professional footballer with an attacking position, maintaining the sharpness to score every game is not easy. There are times when an attacker will experience a goal fast. But it seems that it does not mean so much for Sergio Aguero.

Aguero managed to prove that he is a goal scorer machine that never gets stuck and is always at his best. In addition to playing for Manchester City, Aguero also still strengthens the Argentine national team.

Sergio Aguero Mancity

Aguero has also set a record as the youngest soccer player in the Argentine Primera Division’s history. He was only 15 years old when he was revealed by Independiente against San Lorenzo. Aguero is also a substitute for Messi as an incarnation of Diego Armando Maradona.

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