Top 5 Highest Paid Barcelona Players at Current Time

Barcelona Highest-Paid Players – Barcelona, Love football (soccer) or not, you know well this club, one of the biggest and the greatest Football club that ever existed in Europe. This club (Barcelona FC) is home for one of Football greatest players, Lionel Messi, that right, Messi, the argentian Soccer star never wants to leave this club, We don’t know why Maybe the salary that Barcelona gave made him want to stay at Barcelona for all his life.

Top 5 Highest Paid Barcelona Players

As The Major Football Club in Europe, as well for the world, Barca has won many title and trophy in the first place, they won La Liga many time, also they’re a regular member of UEFA Champions winner, With that Achievement Barca (Barcelona FC) is one of the richest football club in the world.

So as The Richest Club, They (Barcelona FC) Pay all their Players (Soccer Athlete) in a good way. Want To Know Who Barcelona Players Which got Huge Wage?, Here is The List.

  1. Lionel Messi

Football lover calls him GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), and so do I. Lionel Messi is Barca main star, this dude has won everything with Barca, Multiple La Liga titles, and he won UEFA Champions as well, for the personal award, Leo (Messi nickname) have won five times Ballon d’Or. To repay what he has done for Barca, They gave him €1.3m ($ 1,4m estimated in USD) per week, that huge wage isn’t? but he deserved it.

Lionel Messi one of the highest paid soccer in Barcelona
Lionel Messi © FC Barcelona

2. Antoine Griezmann

In the second place of highest-paid Barca player is Antoine Griezmann, This French footballer receives € 881,596 per week from Barca.

Antoine Griezmann one of the highest paid soccer in Barca
Antoine Griezmann © FC Barcelona

Griezmann himself is the new Barca Mega Star, before playing for Barcelona this dude play for their rivals Atletico Madrid FC, but he quickly gets along with Barca Fans because of his great talent, at the end of the week, he the man with the smiling face, good income, love by Barca fans.

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