Top 5 Highest Paid Footballer in Atletico Madrid

Atletico Highest-Paid Players – Atletico Madrid or his formal name Club Atlético de Madrid is a Spanish Football Club which plays in La Liga. Many of us know well Real Madrid and Barcelona rivalry that made La Liga be most watched League on TV and Web Streaming, and many of us don’t have big interest to another La Liga club, but that day has end, Since Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid Coach) take control to this club, La Liga is not about Barca and Madrid anymore, They have new fighter where many great Footballer plays for them, that club is Atlético de Madrid, located in the same town with Real Madrid C.F, and both clubs have big ambition to be king of La Liga, and Both clubs have the same enemy as well The Barcelona F.C. which alway want to be crowned as La Liga King.

Top 5 Highest Paid Footballer in Atletico Madrid

The Conclusion is Atlético de Madrid is a great club like Real Madrid, and Barca. Sometimes they win La Liga in the first place and sometimes Barca and Real Madrid beat them and force them to leave the League.

So as La Liga Major Club Many Atlético Players have special service from their club, one kind of that special service is The Wage, Big Club like Atletico Madrid will give their Players an absolutely good salary for Player with great talent, So who Atletico Players which got the nice week, Here is the list:

  1. Jan Oblak – Weekly Salary: € 400,654

In the first place of highest-paid Atletico player, is Jan Oblak, This Slovenia dude play as Goal Keeper for Atletico Madrid, and he did his job very well, too repay his great job Atletico give him € 400,654 per week. So Oblak is Atletico player with a big smile at the end of the week.

Jan Oblak one of the highest paid Footballer in Atletico Madrid
Jan Oblak © Atlético de Madrid

2. Diego Costa – Weekly Salary: € 307,500

In second place Atletico Player with great wage is Diego Costa, This Spanish dude play as Striker for Atlético de Madrid. Diego da Silva Costa (Diego Fullname) is Atletico main star like Oblak, As a striker, he gives his best for the club, and his club gave their best as well,  € 307,500 per week.

Diego Costa one of the highest paid Footballer in Atletico Madrid
Diego Costa © Atlético de Madrid

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