Top 5 Highest Paid Footballer in Chelsea F.C

Highest Paid Chelsea Players – Chelsea F.C is one of the major football clubs in England who plays for EPL (English Premier League). Chelsea, alongside Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool is the prince of EPL who fight for better crown, all this club have been crown as EPL King, Chelsea itself has won five League titles, seven FA Cups and five League Cups, for sure, Chelsea F.C is one of the greatest football clubs in England.

Top 5 Highest Paid Footballer in Chelsea F.C

Being a Big Football Club makes Chelsea able to hire great footballer (soccer player) as well, So who the great football players in Chelsea, and how much they get paid, here is the story of 5 Highest Paid Footballer in Chelsea F.C:

  1. Kepa Arrizabalaga – Weekly Salary: £ 152,615

In the top list of highest-paid Chelsea players is Kepa Arrizabalaga, This Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper get at least £ 152,615 per week from his club.

Kepa Arrizabalaga The Highest Paid Footballer in Chelsea
Kepa Arrizabalaga © Chelsea F.C

Kepa joined this club (Chelsea F.C) on Aug 8, 2018, he doesn’t need much time to show how good he is, seeing his great talent, Sarri (Former Chelsea Coach) makes this Spanish dude be Chelsea main goalkeeper.

2. N’Golo Kanté – Weekly Salary: £ 150,000

In the second place of the highest-paid Chelsea players is N’Golo Kanté, This French dude plays as a defensive midfielder for this club, and he plays pretty well his part, many Chelsea fans, and football pundits believes N’Golo Kanté is one of the best midfielders in EPL, Chelsea itself well agree with that, they give Kanté £ 150,000 per week.

N'Golo Kanté One of The Highest Paid Chelsea Players
N’Golo Kanté © Chelsea F.C

3. Willian – Weekly Salary: £ 120,000

The third Highest-Paid Chelsea Player is Willian Borges da Silva (Willian Fullname), This Brazilian professional footballer plays as a winger for this club, He joined this club on 28 August 2013, until now everything still goes well for him and club, at the end of the week this Brazilian dude get £ 120,000 from Chelsea F.C

Willian one of the highest paid footballer in Chelsea F.C
Willian © Chelsea F.C

4Jorginho – Weekly Salary: £ 110,000

In the fourth list of Highest paid Footballer in Chelsea F.C is Jorge Luiz Frello Filho, best known as Jorginho, same like Kante, Jorginho also plays as a midfielder for this club, For now, Chelsea itself very satisfied in the way his plays his part, at the end of the week the club give him £ 110,000.

Jorginho one of the highest paid Chelsea Players
Jorginho © Chelsea F.C

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