Top 5 Highest Paid Footballers in Serie A

Serie A Highest-Paid Players – Italian Serie A League suddenly warmed again after the arrival of a megastar, Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. Even though the player who has the nickname of CR7 has not given a prominent performance at Juventus, but his big-name remains a specter that can not be denied is very influential on the interest of football fans towards the Italian Serie A.

Top 5 Highest Paid Footballers in Serie A

With the availability of Ronaldo to go from Spain to Italy, of course, with agreements and contracts that are not arbitrary. The agreed nominal is fantastic. Then how much is Ronaldo’s salary and who are the footballers who have the highest salary in the Italian Serie A-League?

Want to know Who the players which got fantastic salary in Serie A? See the list below.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Weekly Salary: 1,103,981 Euros

Sure enough, Cristiano Ronaldo immediately ranked number one for the Highest Paid footballer in Serie A 2019. The amount is fantastic compared to other players. Ronaldo gets a salary of 1.1 million euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo one of the highest paid players in Serie A

The player brought in directly from Real Madrid gave a breath of fresh air to the Italian League and made the Old Lady even stronger. As is known that Juventus in recent years has always dominated, especially in the Italian League.

For the achievements that have been obtained by him, he won the FIFA Ballon d’Or title three times.

  1. Romelu Lukaku – Weekly Salary: 302,692 Euros

The player who came from Belgium became a footballer with the second-highest salary in the Serie A Italian League. He currently plays to defend the Inter Milan club with a salary of 302 thousand euros. He began his career while defending Anderlecht in the Jupiler League. He managed to become the top score there.

Romelu Lukaku one of the highest paid Players in Serie A
  1. Gonzalo Higuain – Weekly Salary: 267,077 Euros

Higuain is a player who is quite famous for his speed and accurate long passes and kicks. With his ability, he managed to get a salary of 267 thousand euros.

Gonzalo Higuain one of the highest paid players in Serie A
  1. Matthijs de Ligt – Weekly Salary: 267,077 Euros

A young player who was only 20 years old, he became a player who came from the Netherlands and played as a central defender. His ability to dispel enemy attacks earned him a high enough salary, which is 267 thousand euros.

Matthijs de Ligt one of the highest paid Players in Serie A
  1. Aaron Ramsey – Weekly Salary: 249,288 Euros

Originally from Wales, Ramsey proved himself to be one of the soccer players with a central midfield position that could generate a large salary. He occupies the fifth position for the highest paying soccer player in the Serie A Italian League.

He is one of the players who contributed greatly to the United Kingdom when he took part in the 2012 Olympic Games. At present, he gets a salary of 249 thousand euros.

Aaron Ramsey one of the highest paid Players in Serie A

So Sports Lovers or Serie A fans that all Five Football Players who get fantastic salary in Serie A, if you want to know who in the number six, the answer is Paulo Dybala, as for 2019 this dude received 249,288 Euros weekly from Juventus.

Paulo Dybala – Weekly Salary: 249,288 Euros

Dybala is an Argentinian player who has a nickname, La Joya. He is a very dangerous attacker for opponents. With his ability, he gets a salary of 249 thousand euros. Dybala is known to have started his career by joining the Instituto de Cordoba who later joined Palermo in 2012. In 2014, he was bought from Palermo to Juventus.

Paulo Dybala one of the highest paid players in Serie A

The man whose full name is Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala is rated as the player who is the Highest Paid Footballer in Serie A 2019 and is among the most expensive Juventus players in terms of transfer value by CIES. As for why he was called La Joya because of his fastball playstyle with eye play techniques that can be deceptive.

The player with the highest salary seems to be dominated by the Italian Serie A giants, Juventus. This is indeed reasonable because it is not only a wealthy club, Juventus is a very dominating club in the Italian League. –

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