Top 5 Highest-Paid Players In The Premier League

Premier League Highest-Paid Players – Premier League is one of the top leagues in the world of professional football. Big clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool to Arsenal fight in a league that has this lion logo.

Top 5 Highest-Paid Players In The Premier League

As a league that has a lot of fans, every club has to spend a large enough amount to pay the coach to the players. Do you want to know who they are, the man with a fantastic salary, check out this Top 5 Highest-Paid Players In The 2019 Premier League:

  1. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City £ 16.6 million

Kevin is a professional soccer player from Belgium. He is currently 28 years old. In addition to playing for the Belgian national team, Kevin De Bruyne also strengthens the Premier League team, Manchester City.

Kevin De Bruyne one of the highest paid players in EPL

At Manchester City, he gets a position as an attacking midfielder or sometimes can also be placed as a wing midfielder. De Bruyne himself started his professional football career together with Gent in 2003. Then, he joined the Racing Genk club in 2005 until 2008, he made it into the main Genk squad.

Kevin De Bruyne’s career is not always good. He briefly culminated in playing for Chelsea in 2012 but then he returned to Racing Genk instead. He also had time to strengthen Werder Bremen until now He managed to become the most expensive player in Manchester City with a salary of 16.6 million pounds.

  1. Alexis Sanchez – (MU)  £ 16.3 million

The 30-year-old player is a footballer from Chile. He currently plays for Manchester United as the second-highest-paid striker in the Premier League with £ 16.3 million. The man nicknamed El Nino Maravilla or the Magic Boy is known for his amazing abilities.

Alexis Sanchez one of the highest paid players in EPL

Alexis Sanchez began his career as a junior footballer on the Cobreloa CD when he was 15 years old. In 2006, Sanchez officially joined Udinese as the beginning of his career as a professional footballer who played in the top tier league.

The peak of his career skyrocketed when he joined the Spanish giants FC Barcelona in 2011. This also made him the Chilean player who first joined Barcelona. In 2014, Sanchez’s career still survived but with a different league when he flew to the Premier League to join Arsenal.

Now, he is strengthening the club nicknamed the red devil with a salary large enough to make it ranked second Premier League footballer with the highest salary.

  1. Paul Pogba – Manchester United £ 15 million

Pogba is a player who comes from France but plays for the Premier League by strengthening the Manchester United club. He is a central midfielder and can attack and defend well.

Paul Pogba one of the highest paid players in EPL

Because Antonio Valencia was absent, Pogba took over as team captain for a while. But due to a series of disappointing results, Mourinho stated that Pogba was not the team captain anymore. Mourinho and Pogba were reportedly involved in a squabble during training, but Mourinho stressed that they did not have a problem.

Currently, Paul Pogba is getting a fantastic salary of £ 15 million from Manchester United.

  1. Mesut Ozil – Arsenal £ 13.9 million

Ozil is one of the most talented players. The footballer from Germany now plays for the Arsenal club in the Premier League. Until now, Ozil is listed as the most expensive player of all time originating from Germany.

Mesut Ozil one of the highest paid players in EPL

Ozil’s ability is very capable to do tricks and improvisation while on the field as an attacking midfielder. He is also famous as a player with the ability to provide excellent bait to create a goal. He currently plays for Arsenal with a salary of 13.9 million pounds.

  1. Mohamed Salah – Liverpool £ 10.4 million

Salah is one of the players who in the last few years has always been in the media spotlight. There was a lot of hope aimed at him, both from the club he defended, Liverpool and also the Egyptian national team. Salah gets a salary of 10.4 million pounds from Liverpool, that makes him the highest-paid players in Liverpool FC.

Mohamed Salah one of the highest paid players in EPL

Of the five footballers who get the highest salary in the Premier League, whom do you think is the most deserving to get a big salary? BTW if you want to know who take place in number six, the answer is De Gea, Manchester United paid £ 10.4 million for him.

  1. David De Gea – Manchester United £ 10.4 million

Mainstay goalkeeper Manchester United is the six place for the highest-paid footballer in the Premier League with an income of 10.4 million pounds. He is a footballer who has started his career at the age of 10 at Atletico Madrid

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