Top 5 Richest Athlete in the World 2019

2019 Richest athlete – Being a professional athlete is not an easy thing to do and can’t be achieved by everyone. Many processes are ranging from training, learning to the unusual struggle behind it. Talent alone is not enough to be a professional athlete who has a brilliant career in the sport that he is involved in.

But all the sacrifices made by an athlete will be rewarded after he gets the dream career. Not only a brilliant career, but the coffers of money also followed the success of these professional richest athletes in the world.

So This Top 5 Richest Athlete in the World 2019 based on their current wealth, who they are, do your idol in this list?

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Net Worth in 2019: $450 Million
Cristiano With His Family

Being number one as the richest professional athlete in the world in 2019, CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo Nickname) has total assets of $ 450 million. Ronaldo is also known as an athlete with the highest followers on social media, both on Facebook and Instagram. Even to do advertising on his Instagram social media accounts, they have to spend quite a bit, which is around $ 975 thousand.

2. Roger Federer – Net Worth in 2019: $450 Million

Roger Federer

At the age of 38, Roger Federer managed to become the second richest athlete in the world in 2019. A man from Switzerland is also the world’s best tennis player. He also has many records in the men’s singles Grand Slam performance, which is 19 titles since the beginning of his career in 2004. Not only was he successful in his professional career, but he also had enormous wealth, totaling $ 450 million same number with Cristiano Ronaldo but CR7 win in the endorsement.

3Lionel Messi – Net Worth in 2019: $400 Million

Messi With His Family

Who doesn’t know Maradona Junior from Argentina, yes that right when he shows his great talent plays for Barca senior team, people call him Maradona Junior but soon after that Messi one of the greatest footballers that we will never forget.

According to data obtained, Lionel Messi became the third richest athlete in 2019 with a total wealth of $ 400 million. With the glory of his career in Barcelona, ​​it seems like the number of assets owned by Messi will continue to grow over time.

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