Top 5 Richest Football Managers in the World 2019

The world of football is endless. ranging from how exciting the match was, competition in the ongoing league competition, the personal lives of the players, to the club’s coaches who did not escape the spotlight. The Football coach is someone who has an important role in a club. Strategy settings will be very decisive to be able to get a victory, it seems natural that the coach must get a high salary.

Therefore, the coach is actually no less rich than football players. The following are some of the names of the richest Football coaches in the world:

1. Jose Mourinho – Net Worth in 2019 $ 100 million 

A cold-blooded, temperamental coach, famous for his firmness and stubbornness, Jose Mourinho’s name turns out to be on the list of the second richest Football coaches in the world.

Please note that Jose Mourinho has a lot of experience as a coach, he has worked with Chelsea, Porto, U.D. Leiria, Benfica, and Inter Milan. Not quite up there, his achievements as a coach also no doubt. He won an award as the world’s best Football coach from the International Federation of Football History & Statistics in 2004, 2005 and 2010.

Jose Mourinho Net Worth

Now, he has total assets of £ 94million or $ 100 million estimated in USD.

2. Zinedine Zidane – Net Worth in 2019: $ 70 million

The Real Madrid coach is one of the world’s football legends, who doesn’t know the big name of Zinedine Zidane or who is usually called by the nickname Zizou? He claimed to have retired or hung up his shoes in 2006. He also earned a record as the world’s most expensive player when imported from Juventus to Real Madrid in 2001 with a value of £ 46 million.

Zinedine Zidane Net Worth

He currently has a total wealth of $ 70 million which places him as the richest coach in the world. When he became a Football player, Zizou had gained many achievements, among which he managed to get the Ballon d’Or in 1998.

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