Top 5 Richest Football Managers in the World 2019

3. Carlo Ancelotti – Net Worth in 2019: $ 50 million 

Carlo Ancelotti is a coach born in Italy 60 years ago. Previously, he was a midfielder who had strengthened the Italian national team 26 times. The career of a football coach from Ancelotti or commonly also called by the name Carletto began in 1996. He managed to bring the Reggiana club to Serie A. He was then contracted by Parma then in 1999 he moved to Juventus.

Carlo Ancelotti Net Worth

In 2001, Carletto coached AC Milan for 8 seasons. At present, he managed to occupy the third richest coach in the world with total assets reaching $ 50 million.

4. Arsene Wenger – Net Worth in 2019: $ 48 million

In the list of the fourth richest Football coaches in the world, there is Arsene Wenger who is the longest Arsenal coach in history. Arsene Wenger coached Arsenal from 1996 to 2018. He was also named the best coach at Arsenal by winning many trophies. Together with Arsenal, Arsene Wenger managed to get around $ 48 million.

Arsene Wenger Net Worth

5. Pep Guardiola – Net Worth in 2019: $ 40 million 

The coach whose full name is Josep Pep Guardiola has become the richest Football coach in the world. Pep is known to be born in Santpedor, Barcelona, ​​Catalunya, Spain. The name Pep Guardiola is still very much attached to the name of the Spanish League club, Barcelona. Even though Pep is no longer handling Blaugrana, still, Pep’s name is very attached to the club because Barcelona was very bright when taken care by Pep Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola Net Worth

Since 2016 yesterday, Pep Guardiola has been attracted to coach Manchester City in the English League. Previously, in 2013, Pep Guardiola also briefly coached FC Bayern Munich. He currently has a total wealth of $ 40 million.

The potential candidate in the next Top 5 Richest Coach is Jurgen Klopp, with his success with Liverpool this german coach receive a lot of money.

Jurgen Klopp – Net Worth in 2019 $ 20 million

Jurgen Klopp’s career as a football coach is not as smooth as other famous coaches. He started from a small club that he kept fighting for but ended in failure. The club is Mainz 05 in the Bundesliga.

Jurgen Klopp Net Worth

His career began to move when he coached the Borussia Dortmund club in 2008 ago. Then he became a feared coach after coaching Liverpool in 2015. At present, he has total assets of $ 20 million. –