Top 5 Richest MMA fighters in the world 2019

World Richest MMA fighters – A few years ago, boxing was still the most popular sport with a battle theme. But over time, MMA proves that this sport cannot be underestimated now. Promoters also flocked to distract him from boxing, they began to glance at MMA as its main goal at this time.

Top 5 Richest MMA fighters in the world 2019

MMA sports fans are also becoming more and more visible. A freer style of fighting seems to make many fans of fighting sports more satisfied when watching it. With the risks faced by the athlete, they also get a lot of money from each of their battles. Therefore, it’s natural that MMA athletes have an abundance of cash purses.

So below are the Top 5 MMA Fighters who got a lot of money from this sport. Do your idol in the list?

  1. Conor McGregor Net Worth in 2019: $ 110 Million

MMA fighters who have the nickname The Notorious have managed to become the richest. With total assets of $ 110 million, he managed to become the richest MMA athlete in the earth’s palette. Although every last battle, The Notorious always get defeat. Still, the money generated by him is fantastic.

Conor McGregor Net Worth in 2019
Conor McGregor

His last three big battles were against Nate Diaz, Floyd Mayweather, and Khabib Nurmagomedov to become one of the major battles in the world of sports. Regardless of whether you like it or not, because as we know that McGregor has a rather rude behavior, he still managed to become an MMA fighter who has the most wealth compared to other MMA fighters.

  1. Rorion Gracie – Net Worth in 2019: $ 50 Million
Rorion Gracie Net Worth in 2019
Rorion Gracie

Maybe indeed the name Rorion Gracie is no longer an MMA fighter because of his very old age. But please note that he is one of the founders of UFC which is now 67 years old. Currently, he works as a writer, producer, and publisher at UFC. His total assets currently reach $ 50 million. Also, he took the time to be able to train the United States Marines.

  1. Georges St. Pierre – Net Worth in 2019: $ 30 Million

Georges became one of the most successful UFC fighters. He broke the record as a Welter Class Champion and became a huge promotional star in his day.

Georges St. Pierre one of the richest MMA Fighters
Georges St. Pierre

Not surprisingly, he later managed to get a lot of money from the results of the match and sponsors who supported him. He is also very active in promoting himself to get sponsors in the field of sports, such as Under Armor and Reebok. So, you can imagine why he managed to collect so much money.

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